Pacific Card

Pacific Debit Card

Pacific Transfer offers debit card experience means unlimited free cash withdrawals, up to 1% cashback and unseen privileges. Opening an account is simple, fast and free. With us you can make transfers to more than 200 countries in over 30 currencies. You can send us your money via card or bank transfer. It’s free for customers, activates only with sms and only $14,99 for the express delivery to your door. You get the freedom to use more than one Pacific card, connected to any of your accounts. The best thing for travelers is that it works all over the world!

Pacific debit card is a next generation contactless debit card. It boasts success, prestige and exceptionality. Your money is protected by UK Bank. We keep your money in these accounts until you pay it out. We’ve always got your back. Whether we’re storing or processing your card details, they’re protected. Use your Pacific debit card in more than 200 countries and withdraw money from 2.3 million ATMs. If you’re shopping online, always choose to pay in the currency of the country you’re buying from.


Exclusive privileges and first class experiences

Free unlimited withdrawals

at ATMs at home or within the European Economic Zone

Priority support

by our help desk - 24/7

Higher payment limits for shopping

up to 15,000 USD/day; up to 50,000 USD/month

Airport comfort with Lounge Key

access to over 1,000 VIP airport lounges around the world

Concierge service 24/7

assistance to make every wish come true

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