Nominee Service

Nominee Service For LLC Or Corporation

In business terms, a nominee is a person hired to represent you on public documents. When you hire a nominee or use nominee services, the nominee will list their name and information on business filings (like articles of organization or incorporation) in place of your name and information—usually as a director, officer, member, or manager. The purpose of hiring a nominee is to keep the identity of the company’s owner more private.


Private and Corporate Nominee Services

We can act as nominee on behalf of private companies, corporate sponsored nominee services or on behalf of institutional shareholders of a company to facilitate corporate transactions such as listing events.

Pacific Transfer provides professional nominee services in order to facilitate confidentiality for your business – thereby securing your corporate and financial privacy and anonymity. We have extensive knowledge and experience acting on behalf of our clients as trustees or nominees.

Private Company Nominee Service

We work with private companies to provide a nominee service alongside a share warehouse service whereby we act as legal owner on behalf of underlying employee beneficial owners.

We help private companies simplify their shareholder register using our Nominee Service, acting as a single professional shareholder for employees which also assists with maintaining confidentiality between employee allocations where this may be publicly available on a general register.


Corporate Sponsored Nominee Service

We understand the challenges listed companies face in dealing with increasing regulatory changes to remuneration policies. In response, we provide a Corporate Sponsored Nominee Service to help listed companies with post-vesting, post-employment holding, clawback or general share ‘lock up’ requirements. By acting as Nominee, we can maintain a separate register of underlying individual investors. We enter into a Nominee Agreement with the respective employee and this documentation can be adapted to reference a company’s specific share plan details or requirements.

We can work closely with your existing share plan administrator and broker for share releases and dealing.

Employee shareholders whose shares are held by the Pacific Transfer nominee will:

  • Continue to receive dividend payments
  • Have the option of dividend reinvestment, annual reports
  • Vote at the Company’s general meetings

Nominee Director and Shareholder Services


$ 699


$ 899

  • Fulfilment of legal requirements.
  • Managing your asset at a high level.
  • Protecting your identity from the company’s documents and with the Government’ record.
  • Keeping your information confidential within your company structure and the Government.
  • Fully control of your company activities through Power of Attorney (POA) and Declaration of Trust (DOT).

Required documents:

Copy of passport and residential addresses proof of all directors. If the director is another corporation, please provide us with the Company’s documents such as Certificate of Incorporation, M&AA, Registered of Director/Shareholder, etc.

Nominee Shareholder

Like a Nominee Director, the Nominee Shareholder will act on behalf of you in your company. Your information will not be disclosed on the Government and the company’s documents. The agreement between you and the Nominee Shareholder is called the Declaration of Trust (DOT).

A Declaration of Trust (DOT) is an agreement in which the Nominee Shareholder is appointed to hold shares in the company for you, but you are named as being the real owner who has full ownership over your shares.

Amount of share capital and percentage of shareholdings.



We do not provide Nominee services for these activities:

  • Adult content Websites, Pornography
  • Broker-Dealers
  • Political activity
  • Churches and charities
  • Commodity trading (petroleum, diamonds, metals)
  • Crypto-currencies
  • Financials services requiring license, BGs, SBLCs, MTNs, financial instruments
  • Futures trading
  • Gambling, Online casinos, Poker
  • Insurance companies and brokers
  • Mutual and Hedge Funds
  • Pharmaceutical products (including food supplement)
  • Precious Metals
  • Online exchanges without certificates
  • Selling fake diplomas
  • Trusts
  • Weapons/Arms Dealing

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