Merchant Account

Merchant Account For Online Business

You need to set up merchant account for online business and accept payments on your website. you can deploy global payment capabilities faster, safer, and with confidence. One connection provides payment acceptance in 190 countries, global fraud management, and much more.

Craft flawless payment flows.
Legally Secured for Vendor thanks to not handling any customer’s card data.
International cards processors (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB, etc...) with many currencies (AUD, SGD, USD, EURO, etc...) available.
Multi Payment methods (Online Gateway, MOTO payment, mPOS, etc, …)
Comprehensive Expansion Toolkit for developer.
Fast and Simple Checkout, customizable.
NO CODING REQUIRED for Integrating.

Merchant Account Benefits - Boost your Business

To meet with the fast pace of the world Retailing Industry, making faster business decisions in an ensuring security manner is a must.

  • Insights Usage from real-time data
  • No more paperwork, surprise fees, and confusing PCI compliance procedures.
  • Up-to-date extension to meet the world trend.
  • Engineered Platform accepting payments in a second with quintessential functionalities.
  • All charges is displayed in one place (across different payment types/ risk levels/ countries/ times/ and currencies)
    • Dashboard with analytic tools for Business Management
    • Capture better Sale Volume with Virtual Terminal
    • On-site Business beyond Boundary

Vendor Benefits

To meet with the fast pace of the world Retailing Industry, making faster business decisions in an ensuring security manner is a must.

  • Competitive price
  • High security. Secured with Data Tokenization
  • Fully PCI DSS - PCI Data security standard compliant
  • Customize your check out page
  • Real-time Risk management
  • 24/7 Customer service

How to apply for a Merchant Account Online

Create Account
  • Sign up with Email Confirmation.
  • Easily get your account just less than 5 minutes.
Start Integrating

Test all kinds of transactions right on your Dashboard (Sandbox environment).

Activating LIVE
  • Send LIVE account’s request by filling out the active form online.
Accept Payment
  • Get email confirmation for LIVE account.
  • With LIVE Account, keep track of daily transactions as well as your Payout details (date, amount, status, etc…).

Credit and debit cards

This is a per transaction fee applies to all authorisations, authorisation reversals, 3D secure and verifications

Merchant Account

$500 Setup fee

For newer bussinesses looking for grow

  • An additional 1.5% fee applies to transactions executed by card issued outside USA
  • US$ 500 Onetime-Set-up fee and Monthly fee US $50
  • For non US$ transactions, the executing cost is 0.39 x One unit of Currency
  • US$ 49 for per chargeback fee
  • Free Mobile and Tablet payment page customization
  • Free Real-time Risk management
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