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Benefits of doing business in the USA

Each US state offers a unique business environment.

We’ve put together a list of the most important benefits of owning a company in the US. During your initial consultation, we will discuss these unique environments in more depth in order to select the best for your business needs.


Limitation of liability

The co-owner is liable for the debt of the company only to the extent that they invested in the company.

Government support for business

As well as many additional sources of financing with “cheap” money.

Reliable legal system

A system that does not tolerate omissions and inaccuracies. Any business problems are resolved quickly and without loss.

Personal Assets Protection

In difficult financial situations, lenders may only require repayments from company assets. Personal assets of owners are protected.


When registering in some states, the owner of the company remains incognito.

Tax planning

Taxes reflect expenses, so it is possible to plan ahead.

Leading Corporate Services Provider

Every day, a new business enterprise is establishing in the USA, from market giants to small-scale industries. The first and the basic requirement for establishing an enterprise is the Registration. The USA has the largest market in the world. The reason being they have the lowest tax rate. Company registration in the USA is an online procedure and is very easy too. The good thing is that it is not necessary to be a citizen of the USA.

Our full range of services is designed to protect the real value of our clients’ assets and our entrepreneurial outlook supports businesses in unlocking their ambitions for growth and expansion, no matter how complex their challenges might be. Pacific Transfer delivers simple & 100% online process for Registering a company in the USA as a non-resident. Simplification procedure & documentation online.

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Non-US Resident? Get your own US company!

Our complete premium package is developed exclusively for NON-US residents to register your fully working company in the USA with all the features you will need included. If you’ve found a great opportunity to do business in the USA, but don’t have the time to visit the US or call every single US bank you can think of to try to get your account opened – we can help.

Pacific Transfer is a group of intellectuals. The entire team of Ebizfiling consists of Highly qualified Lawyers and business administrators. Pacific Transfer runs its operations all over the world seamlessly. Pacific Transfer will be one stop solution for your Company formation in the USA. We provide a number of services which are required not only for starting a business but also for running the business successfully without any default or mistakes. Pacific Transfer your partner for the registration and support of business in USA, preparation of financial reports, audits, merchant account, ecommerce solutions and many more.

Pacific Debit Card

Pacific Transfer offers debit card experience means unlimited free cash withdrawals, up to 1% cashback and unseen privileges. Opening an account is simple, fast and free. With us you can make transfers to more than 200 countries in over 30 currencies. Your money is protected by UK Bank. We keep your money in these accounts until you pay it out. We’ve always got your back.

Whether we’re storing or processing your card details, they’re protected. Use your Pacific debit card in more than 200 countries and withdraw money from 2.3 million ATMs. You get the freedom to use more than one Pacific card, connected to any of your accounts. The best thing for travelers is that it works all over the world!


We are the market leaders in helping companies and startups to successfully do business through the provision of commercial representation and back-office services. Through our integrated services approach we provide the complete business solution, starting with entity formation services, preparation of financial reports, audits, merchant account and ecommerce services. We are here to help you achieve your international business expansion goals.

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