• How to change my account type?

    It is not possible to change the account type - you will need to re-register. Please write to us in advance so that we can cancel the first application for registration.

  • How to verify a personal account?

    Enter your personal area to begin verification. To submit the application, please complete all sections:identityaddresspurposeproof of identityproof of address

  • Trusted devices

    Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) — a requirement aimed at increasing the security of payments —  came into force on 14 March 2020 under the PSD2. All European payment services must comply with it. According to the requirement, we have implemented the additional level of security. We have added the obligatory two-factor authentication for all important actions in the system.

  • How to change my personal information?

    In your personal area you can independently change the email address and phone number provided when you signed up.

  • How can I issue a refund?

    Wherever possible, refunds are processed through the same channels as the original payment. When this is not possible, a refund can be initiated to the bank account/IBAN of the consumer. Refunds can be initiated from within BIP or using our refund API call.

  • How does the dispute process work?

    Pacific Transfer receives the information from the schemes. We then notify you of the dispute and respond to the dispute on your behalf.

  • How can I start processing in different currencies?

    Pacific Transfer enables the available processing currencies for each payment method for countries in which you are active by default.

  • How much time will it take to send over 10,000 USD?

    When you send over 10,000 USD within a 24-hour period, Pacific Transfer will wait to settle funds with your bank before sending them for deposit to complete your transaction. This procedure takes 2-3 business days in addition to the normal processing time, when you send before 4:00 PM PT.

  • Can I use Pacific Transfer for commercial purposes?

    Pacific Transfer is a person-to-person remittance service and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

  • How to use a promocode?

    If you have received a Pacific Transfer promocode, you can use it to make a free-of-charge international transfer with Pacific Transfer. Follow the instructions below to find out how to activate your code:• Log in to your account• Enter the destination and the transfer amount• Select the “Reduce fee” link• Enter the promocode in the field and select “Add”• Your transfer fee is now reset to zero• Follow the instructions of the application to complete the transfer

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